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Note: All new orders recieve a 20% discount on initial purchase.  All automatic re-occuring orders recieve a 10% discount and free shipping. All orders over $49 is free shipping.  Please consult a nutritionist or other health professional if you have any questions concerning any of the following products.  To purchase and recieve discount you will need to use the links below and add to cart each time.  For Metagenics you will need to link or need my practitioner code. If you use link then no practitioner code needed.

Cleanse Participant Recommendations:
1- Silymarin 80 or AdvaClear (has silymarin in the formula)
2-UltraFlora Balance-Maintain good bacteria during the cleanse
3-Ultra-Clear plus PH Vanilla-Vital Nutrients and support during the Detox process
4-Glutaclear-Antioxidant Support during the cleanse

Note:  Trifecta includes:  Advaclear, UltraClear plus PH and UltraFlora Balance for daily probiotic maintainance.  All other products below are for daily maintainance and support depending on individual imbalances and needs.  Contact Dhyanjot at info@integratedwellness-sd.com for a free consultation and product review.

Silymarin 80

Liver Protection Formula during detoxification




Daily Support for Detoxification



Cleansing Antioxidant-Advanced Glutathione Support


UltraFLora Balance


Daily Probiotic Support for Gastrointestinal & Immune Health


UltraClear plus PH

Advanced Nutritional Support for Metabolic Detoxification & Alkalinization



No psyllium, No wheat, and No corn fiber blend to Support GI regularity


SpectraZyme Complete

Complete Non-animal enzymes for healthy digestion of proteins, peptides, carbs, fats, cellulose, maltose, lactose, and sucrose


SpectraZyme Gluten Digest

Targeted Support for Enzymatic Breakdown of Gluten


Hemp Oil

Quality Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract-Supports Immune System, antioxidant, and nervous system


Omegagenics EPA-DHA 720

Helps Support Cardiovascular, Musculoskeletal, & Immune System Health


Vitamin D3 drops

Designed for Enhanced Absorption


Zinc Liquid Immunity Drink

Liquid Trace Mineral for healthy immunity and to activate metabolic function


UltraFlora Control Body Weight

Body Weight management probiotics


Travel Probiotics-UltraFlora Acute Care

Relief for Acute Bowel Distress. Can travel with up to 30 days without refrigeration


UltraFlora IB for Abdominal Discomfort

Probiotics for bloating and cramping


Ultra Potent Vitamin C

Gentle, Buffered Vitamin C for Immune Support. Chewable also available


MetaKids Probiotic

Chewable Daily Probiotic Support for kids age 3 and older


Exhilarin Energy and Stress relief

Energy and Stress Tolerance Support


Adreset Adrenal Care

Relief for stress related fatigue: Includes Cordyceps, Asian Ginseng, Rhodiola


Inflavonoid inflammation management

Healthy Immune Response from highly bioavailable Curcumin and Xanthohumol with Boswellia and Ginger


Bone Builder Forte

Enhanced Bone Support


OsteoVantiv Joint support

Provides Joint Relief & Supports Joint Flexibility



Support for Fat Metabolism


Chromium Picolinate

Blood Sugar Management to assist in regulating metabolic function



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