Gong Certificate Program (Private Sessions):

Level 1 Gong Fundamentals (Gong Certification) $495: Learn to play the gong in three short– 1.5 hour ses­sions. *These lessons are onsite only and have helped many who have been intro­duced to playing the gongs in a group les­son format. Gong fundamentals takes your gong playing to the next level.

Level 2 Gong Alchemist (Gong Cer­tifi­cation) $595:  Learn advanced tech­niques, med­i­ta­tions, and using the gong in your classes or as a sound healer.  Gong Alchemist is three or four pri­vate 1.5 hour lessons. Level One required. If you have basic gong play­ing and tech­nique then you may be eli­gi­ble for Alchemy train­ing.

Level 1 & 2 Gong Combo (Fundamentals & Alchemist) $995: This combo certification includes both level 1 & 2 programs. The combo certification can be customized to fit the students schedule if they are local or from out of town.

Level 3 Gong Mas­tery (Advanced Cer­tifi­cate Pro­gram) Inquire with Dhyanjot on pricing:  Learn how to cre­ate  heal­ing ses­sions, mul­ti­ple gong sound ses­sions, and Gong Immer­sions using vedic astrology.  Also integrating healing modal­i­ties includ­ing Reiki, Heal­ing Touch, and Sat Nam Rasayan. Gong Alchemist is a pre-requisite.

*Spe­cial dis­counts apply to gong pur­chases when you are a gong les­son stu­dent. Gong stu­dent may get an oppor­tu­nity to play dur­ing gong immersions.

Out of town students:

7-10 day private gong training retreat including level 1 and level 2 programs customizable per student.

Inquire at info@integratedwellness-sd.com


Hi, I'm Dhyanjot. This website offers information into my yoga classes, sound & light heal­ings and mas­ter­ing life ses­sions designed to help peo­ple live pain free, pros­per­ous lives.  In addition, I facil­i­tate nutri­tional health cleanses, vibra­tional heal­ing work­shops, gong immer­sions for deep heal­ing and I am avail­able for holis­tic health and life coach­ing.

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