Portugal Wellness Yoga Retreat

Deep Healing with the Elements of Nature

June 1st-June 7th, 2024
7 Day/6 night Retreat
Aletejo, Portugal (Border of Algarve)

Refresh and Renew

  • 7 day/6 Nights accommodations on a 175 acres of nature and privacy at a quant retreat center that includes nature trails/organic gardens/natural biopool/swimming canal/sauna/meditation gardens/yoga and meditation shalas/sacred fire ceremony ampitheartre and more
  • Daily buffet: breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Daily Sunrise Yoga and afternoon/evening gentle stretching, meditation and yoga nidra or shamanic journey
  • Self serve coffee and tea, plus water refill station 24/7
  • 30 hours CEU
  • Yoga module for self discovery through the elements

5 elements module for self discovery 

    • Earth: stability/grounded/source
    • Water: creativity/flow/emotional stability
    • Fire:  transformation/empowerment
    • Metal:  progress/ambition/strength
    • Wood:  flourishing/opportunity

Not Included:

  • International flight to Portugal (airport options Lisbon or Faro)FYI: Faro airport is closer
  • Transportation to the retreat
  • Excursions/sightseeing
  • Transportation to any excursion or other activitiy outside retreat
  • Cold plunge tub (option on request)
  • Spa services (option available on request-private massage space)

Accomodations and Pricing:

This retreat is SOLD OUT.  If interested in being on the waiting list if something opens up please email dhyanjot@gmail.com

Register on mailing list to be included in future international retreats.  Stay tuned for the next adventure

Register for Retreat
Non-refundable deposit of $700 paying with Zelle (preferred) or Venmo friend or paypal friend. Be careful if paying with Venmo or Paypal because when you check buyer protection or use a credit card a 3-5% fee is charged that you don’t see, leaving the deposit short.  If you choose the business or credit card route then add $20 to the amount paid
($720 with credit card or business Venmo or Paypal-Net $700 goes towards deposit and retreat balance)
Paypal also offers loans with no interest for 6 months. Please inquire if you want to choose that option.

Read Carefully below to understand room configurations and options available. Each option is limited so be sure to register as soon as possible.  Please don’t hesitate to contact dhyanjot@gmail.com for further information and to help you make the best choice for yourself. Once you put a deposit down we can make a change to your original room type if it is available upon request.  See photos at bottom of web page to better view each option

*All Doubles are shared room with another person of the same sex or preference noted. The creekside two story will be a co-ed double room and shared bath scenario.

*Creekside triple is two story with a room on each floor with up to 3 beds on each floor with a shared bath.  Max occupancy in the two story creekside is 6 people.

*Couples are doubles for two people sharing the same queen sized bed.  

*If you sign up as a single in a double occupancy:  You have the option to either sign up with a room mate or you will be given a room mate that is a good match.  You can also sign up for couples price and take the double room as a single at the couples price.

I have been doing retreats since 2013 and realize the sensitivity and importance of aligning people that fit best together. At least half of all retreat participants are single that are matched up with others who then in most cases become good friends.

**Once deposit is made reservation is made with retreat center and is non-refundable to me on my contract, therefore it is non-rundable to you.   If concerned for any reason, then it is recommended to purchase travel insurance.  If purchasing travel insurance and you want to cancel for any reason then it is recommended to purchase insurance within 1-2 weeks or less of initial deposit.  Wanderwell is a recommended choice for travel insurance. But their are many choices and options depending on your risk tolerances, so it is best to shop around and read each policy thoroughly.

***Deposits include a 3% credit card charge of $20.  To avoid this charge please send a check to ‘Gary Grenus’ or Zelle to 619-730-5557 or Venmo via friend family $700 deposit @gary-grenus or PayPal friend/family (no credit card option) to dhyanjot@gmail.com.  If you use a credit card with PayPal or opt for the incorrect service pay option then you may come up short on deposit.  Be careful as this has happened to others and it doesn’t show up on your end.  Please note room type description on all deposits as each room type is limited.

 ‘Madonna’ Sacred Land Yoga Retreat Center

This journey to Portugal is going to be a magnificant opportunity to commune with nature on 175 acre piece of land that has been considered sacred grounds since the 16th century according to the local parish records, as it is home of one of the oldest buildings on record in this remote protected region, pre-dating the town of Sao Teotonio. There is even a legend that says that both people and animals who have settled here would not leave until regaining their full natural and cosmic forces. This gave rise to the honoring of ‘Madonna of Orada or Nossa Senhora da Orada’ which means to ‘pray for’ those who come here to connect with nature and to be supported and nurtured as Mother does with Child. This is a beautiful and powerful sacred site that I have the honor to host a healing retreat amongst the trees, nature, and this bountiful land. Our journey together as human beings along with our yoga practice will help us connect and honor this land and the ‘five main elements’ of Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, and Wood in order to tap into the healing power that comes from this magical place.


Located at portugal’s Southwest Atlantic Coast, bordering Algarve. The location combines an amazing set of spectacular wild surf beaches nearby and authentic countryside tranquility of Alentejo 1.5 hours  from the Faro airport and 2.5 hours from the Lisbon.  This isolated evergreen valley creates an abundant oasis where two creeks come together, as a womb, to nourish an ancient lush forest and wildlife vistas.  It is simply a magical place filled with nature bounty: organic gardens, flowing water, and amazing views.

This retreat center is family own and operated, is eco-sustainable, permaculture based, and is atop a 175 acre sanctuary that is private, aligned with expanding good health, and positioned to support the purposeful transformational experiences of life.

The Vegetarian cuisine is second to none (see the beautiful photos of the amazing food) where most of the food comes from their own organic farm, along with several meditation, yoga and contemplation spaces.  What is especially special about this place is not only the innovative mindset, but the community holder of the true luxury which is nature in its purest form and eating the food that is provided by it.

The Family at this retreat center has a vision that we can all come together with a purpose to expand our vision for personal growth and inspire an awakening that helps us all to transition into an increasingly conscious mindset with a sustainable co-existence with mother nature, and a reconnection with source (spirituality, nature, and purpose) through a nourishing context of impactful possibilities. This is a once in a life time opportunity and I hope you will join Joel and I on this magical opportunity for adventure, enjoyment, and personal growth.

The Retreat Center Visuals
and nature at its best

The Amazing food

Three meals a day are included with food prepared from the organic garden on site. As a previous healthy food restaurant owner, cleanse specialist and recipient of Chef Joel amazing cooking, I have to say this food looks absolutely amazing.  They even have an award winning cook book you can purchase while there.  I have about 50 amazing photos and I picked some of my favorites here to entice you a bit to come experience not only walking on the land but eating what it produces.

Yoga, Meditation and Contemplation Spaces

Other Accomodations

Ice Bath-For a fee by request
Massage-For a fee by request
Private Sound Healing-For a fee by request

Double Occupancy Suites for two singles or couples Accomodations

Single Occupancy rooms with shared bath accomodations

Creekview triple or double occupancy with shared bath

Free Time Leisure Activities options

Fresh water canal floating (Included)
Contemplation Gardens and Lounges (Included)
Fire ritual ceremony (Included-seasonal)
Hiking (Included)
Star Gazing (Included)
Beach day and ocean swimming (transport not included)
Horse back riding (extra fee on requesst)
Sailing or Canoeing (extra fee on request)
Tai Chi and Taekondo (outside teacher-extra fee on request)
Ecstatic dance (extra fee on request)
Astrological Consultation (extra fee on request)
Surf and paddle board (extra fee on request)
Hiking with guide (extra fee on request)
Mountain biking (extra fee on request)

Your host, guides, and yoga journeyman, Dhyanjot and Joel. We have traveled and taken ‘students of life’ to places like India, Greece, Mexico, Thailand, Bali, California, Hawaii, and more since 2013.

We welcome you and hope you will join us on this once in life time journey of self exploration, adventure, and healing at a  175 acres of historic portuguese land that has been celebrated since the 16th century as a sacred, ‘Madonna’, and we as guest, ‘as child’ of the mothers womb, piece of land.

All are welcome to come explore themselves, be present in nature, and discover a dynamic and beautiful culture unique and different from our own.   

These retreats are for everyone regardless of your background, life situation or yoga experience. Both single people wanting to explore the world with new and old friends or a couples wanting to experience vacation in a way that is enriched with principles and experiences that deepen and develop relationships.

No yoga experience is required and many who come on these journeys come from both walks of life, from little to no yoga in search of a new way to experience travel and those who have many years of yoga experience. Either way, each yoga retreat creates the space for a rich and unique adventure that fulfills life’s need and desire for exploration of new lands, it’ people, its food and its way of life.  

The beauty of different people coming together on retreat during vacation enhances ones inner knowledge through the shared collective learning experience through each others dynamic journey.  Each time we come together we experience different perspectives of life from each culture, each piece of sacred land, and each unique group without the distractions of the typical tourism.  You get to not only begin and end each day with ritual and community, but also during the day explore all that the culture, heritage and land  has to offer through activities, site seeing or quiet time with nature.

What makes these retreats so special are the connections we build with each other during community activities, dining, yoga, and shamanic journeying. It is an opportunity to navigate being human on a conscious level, each on an individual journey of self exploration and self discovery.  In addtion, ancient yoga techniques and other shamanic principles are applied during each retreat to enrich the inter-relationship we have with each other in relationship to the culture, land and place that we practice being human.  It reminds us that we are all in this together and the more we get to know each other on a deeper level while exploring new cultures, the better we get to know ourselves and through that we get to celebrate what makes us similar, while learning, honoring and understanding what makes us different so we can all co-exist in harmony. 

Overall, these group experiences bring a unique opportunity to try vacation from a new point of view and in a new way where we enrich each other through the building of life time friendships, cultivating community, and deepening our connection to the collective energy by reacquanting ourselves with old ancient cultures in a deeper less superficial way. We are not just tourist, we become explorers of ourselves, nature and the life and people of these wonderful places.

We look forward to supporting and serving you again!  Since 2013 we have traveled with students-attendees from all over the world experiencing different cultures, spirituality, ways of life, community and consciousness while embracing eco-friendlyness and mindfulness as a part of each journey.  An adventure together that will always be remembered, cherished and appreciated for a lifetime.

Accomodations, tea/coffe/fresh water station, fresh water canal floats, bio freindly swimming pool, sauna, gardens and lounges, yoga shalas, yoga decks, yoga mats/blocks/straps, free central location wifi, daily breakfast/lunch/dinner buffet on site, night sky gazing and fire ceremony ampitheartre (limited on request), car service for hire, massage/spa services for hire, cold plunge bath for a fee on request, other excursion/activity opportunities for fee .
Additional day activities (fees apply):   Sailing, canoeing, surfing, tai chi, archery, paddle boarding, hiking with guide, mountain biking, horse back riding, ecstatic dance, astrological exploration guidance and more.
If you must cancel your retreat, the required deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Full payment must be received by March 30th unless on payment plan which will be scheduled through April 30th, 2024. 
Once deposit is made accommodations get reserved with a no refund policy from the retreat center per contract. Once we commit deposits we must pay what is due by March 30th, 2024.  So if you are concerned for any reason that you may need to cancel then be sure to purchase travel insurance just in case you are unable to attend.  There are many choices and should be purchased in a short window from the time you place deposit.  There are many companies to choose from, but read each policy carefully on what is offered and covered.
A non-refundable deposit of $720 is required to reserve your space. Your non-refundable balance is due by March 30th, 2024. Payment Plan are available with Credit Card and will have a 3% bank charge plus small monthly processing fee. Other fees may apply.
Please note that if you are heading to Portugal from California, you will need to depart jo later than May 31st to arrive in time to catch a shuttle or other transportation to the retreat center. There are options available from either Lisbon or Faro.  The distance from Lisbon is 2.5 hours and from Faro 1.5 hour.  The goal would to get you from the retreat by 2-3 pm from either location on June 1st in order to be settled in and ready to enjoy your week long experience. There will be more information, details and suggestions on travel and transportation once you receive paperwork after you register.  There are shuttles, minibus, train and taxi options.  Cost of airport transfer is estimated to be from Lisbon or Faro to be around $40 each way.
You may also want to opt to extend your European stay before or after the retreat. We can discuss these options and best ways of transport once you sign up. 
You will need a passport for entry to and from Portugal.  Be sure your passport is up-to-date, does not expire within six months of your departure date from Portugal, and has at least two empty pages.  There is more information and details to come once you register and we always hold at least one meeting at least a month before traveling in order to answer any last questions and to prepare everyone properly for a smooth and seamless trip and experience.


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