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Chakra Tuning Gong Immersion

Come explore this special opportunity to be in tune by aligning the frequency waves of each of your chakras (7 major enegy wheels that turn in your body) followed by a special planetary gong immersion arrangement and healing.

During your experience we will apply special sound and voice techniques to attune your body with each of the major energy centers of the body.  The experience will be complete with a planetary gong immersion along with other instruments of sound healing including flute, hand pan and more.  Come explore this extra special opportunity to be in tune.

Friday, March 2nd 7:30-10:30 pm
Ginseng Yoga

Singles $30  |  Couples $55


“Osho” Chakra Tuning Experience

Not your ordinary chakra tuning.  Come explore the sounds of each chakra while being held by universal sounds of gongs. Your energy blockages will be cleared, re-attuned, and then rejuvenated by the most auspicious sounds of healing to bring you to the most perfect place of peace, balance and contentment.

The first hour will include a special “Osho” chakra attunement followed by a 1.5 hour Yoga Nidra experience with 12 planetary gongs to balance the major energy vortexes of the body.  

Come explore how each sound you make and every sound you absorb effects your physical and emotional well being. 

Understanding the Planetary Gong Arrangements: Each immersion is based on the Vedic Astrology of the day.  Every sound has a mathematical equation representing a vibration that interelates with different parts of the body.  For instance each planetary gong was created with a special mathematical equation to match the same vibrational sound or cosmic octave that the planet makes when moving around the Sun.  In 1978 Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist discovered the natural formula of the “Cosmic Octave” as the link between different kinds of perodically occurring natural phenomena, such as the orbit of the planets, the weather, colors, rhythms and tones. Cousto reveals that there truly is a language of the cosmos and there is a relationships with all astronomical data comparing the frequencies of planatery orbits, in architectural works, in ancient and modern measuring systems, the human body, music and medicine.

Where are the stars aligned:

Each gong immersion includes planetary gongs that are arranged and positioned in such a way to support your energy based on the location(Vedic Astrology) of the planets in our solar system on that given day. Gong immersions will include from 10-14 gongs along with other instruments, isochronic rhythms, mantras, meditations, and movements that will support your journey of consciousness and healing.

Your Sound Healing Team:

Dhyanjot aka Swami Yog Pathik  :  Gong Master Trainer, percussionist, and Yogi.  Dhyanjot teaches weekly yoga classes, monthly sound sessions/gong immersions, quarterly nutritional cleanses, and is lead trainer at the Kundinyasa School of Yoga.  He uses special techniques including Reiki, Shamanic Ritual, Shakti activating, and Shiva transforming practices along with Vedic astrology to channel the most auspicious energy for each session and maximize the support and effectiveness of each experience.  Each session has a planned uniformity but is open to spontaneous adjustments to harness the energy potential of any given experience.  Dhyanjot’s main influences are Krishnamacharya, Yogi Bhajan, Osho, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Parmahansa Yogananda, and Satya Sai Baba.
Each sound session includes an array of planetary gongs and other instruments of sound healing.
Dhyanjot also offers private gong lessons, Mastering the Self Counseling, and Light and Sound Healing in his private studio.

Victoria Maghrak is a Licensed Acupuncturist and a diplomat in Sound Healing Therapy. She is a certified Reiki and THETA practitioner and has trained extensively in Peruvian shamanic healing practices. She is a co-facilitator of Soul Weaver Retreats where she offers Sound Body Resonance. Victoria is a Gong Journeywoman who collaborates frequently with Dhyanjot on Sound Immersions.

Joel Koch:  A gong journeyman, percussionist, and sound healing/gong apprentice to Dhyanjot.


Hi, I'm Dhyanjot. This website offers information into my yoga classes, sound & light heal­ings and mas­ter­ing life ses­sions designed to help peo­ple live pain free, pros­per­ous lives.  In addition, I facil­i­tate nutri­tional health cleanses, vibra­tional heal­ing work­shops, gong immer­sions for deep heal­ing and am avail­able for holis­tic health and life coach­ing.

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