We will explore the eight major energy vortexes of the body or Chakras for the next eight weeks. Chakra means “wheel” and are energy centers in the body. Understanding the chakras can help us understand the way energy is processed by a human being within the vast and complex interplay of a multi leveled existence. Seven of the chakras correspond to areas of the endocrine system or to nerve plexus in the physical body and the eighth chakra corresponds to the aura or magnetic field of the body. The first three is considered the lower triangle while the upper three is the upper triangle. The fourth chakra or the in between chakra is a point of balance called the fourth gate where the experience shifts from “me to thee” or from “me to we”. The prana or life force powers the chakras by clearing the blocks so that naturally energy may flow through them. The first five chakras relate to the tattvas or gross elements earth, water, fire, air, and ether while the upper three chakras relate to more subtle realms. The chakras affect our perceptions, feelings and choices. Opening and balancing the chakras opens the senses, and integrates them into a responsive network that can relate to the larger source field of energy from which we come and to which we return.

Come to one session or come to all. The more you participate the more fine tuned your body and mind will become.

Integrated yoga embraces blend of Hatha Vinyasa for warm ups followed by energy exercises to guide and manage the flow of Kundalini energy is happening. The practice is for a householder yoga and can be integrated into anyones life to help transforms stagnant energy so that the practitioner becomes a lotus on the water-able to elevate consciousness regardless of the environment