The root (Muland­hara) Chakra.  When the first chakra is func­tion­ing well you are secure, sta­ble, stead­fast, pos­i­tively relent­less, and loyal show­ing great endurance under non-ideal sit­u­a­tions.  The root chakra is rep­re­Root Chakra: Muland­hara Chakra. When you establish your roots or foundation, then your tree can grow. When you are grounded, feeling safe and secure then your tree will manifest into whatever you dream. This week we begin the week clearing all the chakras to prepare our body to start over in the new year. When the first chakra is functioning well you are secure, stable, steadfast, positively relentless, and loyal showing great endurance under non-ideal situations. The root chakra is represented by safety and security and is represented by the color red. One of its facets is the quality and function of earth and the five senses. When the first chakra is func­tion­ing well you are secure, sta­ble, stead­fast, pos­i­tively relent­less, and loyal. You will be able to have great endurance under non-ideal sit­u­a­tions. The root chakra is rep­re­sented by safety and secu­rity and is rep­re­sented by the color red. One of its facets is the qual­ity and func­tion of earth and the five senses. It’s main func­tion is elim­i­na­tion of phys­i­cal, men­tal and emo­tional realms. The root chakra is the realm of habits and it rep­re­sents the func­tion­ing of the mind and emo­tions when we are most unconscious-this is not bad– it is necessary-when we per­form our best in an activ­ity, a large part of the activ­ity is uncon­scious and auto­matic. For exam­ple: rid­ing a bike or dri­ving a car. Our poten­tial for sur­vival response is uncon­scious and deeply shared regard­less of race, intel­li­gence or age When the root chakra energy is flowing, then the healing around finance, home, family and survival. When anxiety and fear is most prominent, then the root chakra is likely blocked or needs deep healing. When the root is awakened then awareness flow and the process of transformation is naturally in process. In yoga when we speak of the root chakra we also relate to the energy archetype Ganesha. The remover of obstacles in relationship to fear and ignorance. Is this is a transformational time for you? Are you ready to take flight, but you don’t know if you can land safely? Do you want to know what’s possible for you? Is fear holding you back from taking a leap of faith?Are you ready to do life-changing work at a pace your body can integrate? Is it time to find your life purpose? Are you ready to shift old embedded patterns that no longer serve you? When you are unblocked in the root then you are all to navigate loss and success along with stepping into your creativity based on trust rather than fear. When you are in tune with the root chakra then you are likely moving beyond scarcity and know that you will be provided for if you are participating in life for the highest good. Once this is established then its becomes easier to be grounded, connect with instinct, have proper boundaries and trust without fear new beginnings. When the root energy is blocked then it can impact your health, success in relationships, success in resources, and success in your career. Here are a few questions to consider?

1. In what areas do you feel unsafe?
2. In what areas do you feel there is not enough?
3. In what areas do you feel like you have no control or choice?
4. What situations or people are missing healthy boundaries?
5. Do you trust that life supports you?
6. Do you trust yourself to make supportive, healthy decisions?
7. Are you able to make decisions easily?

When you are stuck in survival mode then nothing is left to expand your prosperity and abundance. Take time this week to meditate at the base of the spine with a vision of gratitude, support, and abundance. Ask that you can be reconnected to what is bigger and larger than self. This process of gratitude can transform old patterns and wounds into opportunities for growth and prosperity. Class this week as well as the cleanse gives you a great opportunity to explore the expansion of the root chakra so that your potential can be recognized and realized.