Balancing the water and emotions of the body and enhancing your creativity: This week we will explore Kriyas that bring your water into balance so your creativity may be fully expressed. If your water is out of balance in the body your kidneys get placed under pressure causing anxiety, worry and emotional upset. If you are ever angry and frustrated and just want to scream then sure enough your water is likely out of balance. Human’s are approximately 70% water and our behavior depends on the relationship with water and earth along with its connection with air and ether (breath). Your best potential arises from a strong sacral chakra channeled to your higher realms maximizing your personal creativity. This weeks class is especially beneficial because when you balance the water in the body then menstrual cramping is reduced, hormones are better regulated for women and a men’s  libido will be strengthened.  Water balance also relates to blood pressure, colon water regulation, and proper kidney function.  

Sacral relates to the color orange and the frequency 622-597 nanometers and come back into or maintain your water flow of life. When your sacral chakra is blocks then it can impact your bodies regulation of hormones, distribution of blood flow, and over all circulation.  

Here are a few questions to consider?
1. In what areas do you feel unstable?
2.In what areas do you feel passionate?
3. What emotions are you embracing or suppressing?
4. How is your sexual function?
5. Do you feel creative, spontaneous and adaptive?
6. Do you feel you can express yourself freely?
7.  Do you feel comfortable with your relationships?
8. Are you in need of touch or intimacy?
9. Are you tight in the hips and waste of the body?
10.  Do you feel depressed or overwhelmed?
11. Do you have any reproduction issues?
12. Do you eat too much sugar and simple carbohydrates?

These questions relate to the sacral and it relative functioning.  Class this week helps regulate the systems in the body to clear blockages in your water flow and allow your creativity be expressed.