Wonders of Life Thai Yoga Retreat

Koh Samui, Thailand
7 Day Retreat: January 22nd-January 29th, 2023

Upgrade Option:
13 Day Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui
January 16th-29th
(The 13 day option will be an add on and will be available first to all who sign up for the 7 day retreat)

Yoga Retreat and Meditation Retreat
Koh Samui
January 22nd-29th, 2023

Whats Included:
-Air Conditioned accommodations at a beautiful retreat center on the Island of Koh Samui with beach side or modern upgrade options. (based on availability)
-All accomodations a short walk away from the beach. (See photo above of retreat center)
-Daily breakfast/brunch and Dinner

-Daily morning and afternoon yoga with Dhyanjot
-Yoga Mats, props and other equipment
-Additional Yoga classes as desired included
-Daily after dinner optional sound healing and/or meditation at retreat center
-Module: Yoga Module: 20 hours CEU

Not Included:
-International flight to Bangkok/Koh Samui (Allow a minimum of 1 extra day to arrive and you save a day on the return)
(Best to fly into Bangkok and take a Tai Airlines to Koh Samui)
-Domestic flights or other travel
-Airport pick up and drop off per request (will need flight times for pick up and drop off. Price approximately $25 per direction)
-Optional Daily Excursions/sightseeing
-Lunch and Snacks on your own-restaurant onsite or eat while out on excursion
-Spa and other services on site

Yoga Retreat is on the island of Koh Samui.
For the Thailand extension see below for pricing and what is included in the extension.  The extension is more of a tour of Bangkok and Chiang Mai historical sites and temples related to Buddism and other cultural experiences.  The retreat on Koh Samui is at a yoga retreat center on an island with daily yoga in the morning and evening along with time during the day to explore the islands’ waterfalls, beaches, temples, elephant sanctuaries, and culture.  This time of year is the perfect time to experience both the North and South with the most desirable weather.  

Note:  When you register you are only registering for the Koh Samui part of the trip.  The extension will have an additional deposit of $300 to extend from 7 nights to 13 night stay.  All transportation is the responsibility of each participant, but I will assist you in reducing the cost with many group transportation opportunities for your convenience. 

Flight recommendations: Fly out early on Saturday the 14th(13 day) or Friday the 20th (7 day) to arrive no later Sunday the 15th/16th early morning or 21st to Bangkok respectfully.  Arrive in Bangkok by the 15th (13 day) or Koh Sumui by the 22nd (7 day).   You will fly into Bangkok and then take domestic flights to either Chiang Mai or Koh Sumai or both.  The 13th day begins on the afternoon of the 16th in Bangkok followed by Chiang Mai and the 7 day begins in the afternoon of the 22nd in Koh Sumai. Returning:  Early morning flights on the 30th of January is recommended.  But flying back to Bangkok after 1 pm on the 29th from Koh Samui is recommended. A short stay over near the airport on the 29th in order to leave on the 30th early is recommended.

If you are traveling on the 13 day extension, then it may be wise to fly into Bangkok and then take 3 one way flights to each destination which I will help you coordinate.  Arriving in Bangkok by the 15th at anytime or at midnight or early morning of the 16th will put you right on schedule.  Three one way flights domestically is suggested to save time and money.  Chiang Mai flight scheduled is from 11 am-1 pm on 19th and on the 22nd from 11 am-1 pm flight from Chiang Mai to Koh Samui (Direct one way flight. Cheaper options to go through Bangkok but it will cost you a few hours). Then end the trip with a one way trip to Bangkok from Koh Samui. Time this flight with your international flight home.  

More details to come once you register and all plans for Bangkok and Chiang Mai. This will be a trip of a lifetime.

We are reserved for the two highest level accomodations for this retreat center.  Each room has its own private bath and air conditioning.  Photos are shown below to visualize the accomodations

Accomadations remaining is for the 7 day retreat only.  If opting for the 13 day option, then the upgrade option for Bangkok and Chiang Mai tour, hotel and accomodations are described below as well.  An additional deposit will be requested at the time you decide or deadline TBD on the extension

International Flight Suggestions:

San Diego:  Best airline options are Canada Air and Lufthansa. Check connections and prices range from $1200-$1700 round trip to Bangkok. These flights go through Canada and Germany to arrive in Thailand

LAX:  Is the preferred option for Asian due to the numerous flights available.  There may be car pool options, shuttle or shared rided options depending on attendees flights.  Best airline options are ANA (Japan Airline), Korean Airlines, and United Airlines.  These flights will range from $900-$1500 depending on when you book.

Note:  Best days to book tickets are on Tuesday-Thursday.  To get the best prices you have to work the algorythms. Anotherwords, chart your flights on Kayak or Google flights and click flight price updates to get updates when they change. They will go up and down and can fluctuate up to a $1000 in one day.  So don’t be discouraged, but instead track the flights and jump on one when it comes up.

For Example:  I have booked my flights out of LAX on Saturday January 14th and will arrive via Tokyo in Bangkok at Midnight on the 15th/16th.  I will likely take a nap from midnight to 8 am at an airport hotel before transferring e to our mainstay hotel in Bangkok for that extension that begins on the 16th of January.  I will be giving myself most of the 16th to settle in from the travel and have a day to get acquanted before enjoying an evening (after check in at the hotel) at the bustling Bangkok evenimg market.  The Bangkok extension begins the evening of January 16th before heading to Chaing Mai on the 19th.
On the 19th.

After Chiang Mai, those on the extension will book a domestic flight from Chiang Mai to Koh Samui late morning of the 22nd of January.   After the retreat it is best to book a domestic flight from Koh Samui to Bangkok to catch an flight on the 30th. An early flight out on the 30th has you arriving on the same day late morning in LAX on the 30th.   If you are just joining the retreat then you would do a round trip from Bangkok to Koh Samui from the 22nd after arrival to an afternoon flight on the 29th in order to return early morning on the 30th from Bangkok.

If you have questions send me a your proposed plan in order for me to assist. 

Note:  You will book all your own flights and with the upgrade to the 13 day then you will be accomodated on the hotel, tours and tour transportation.  We will have a meeting to go over all the logistics.  If you follow my suggestions above then you should be in alignment with all the plans.

*If your first room choice is not available, please send request to dhyanjot@gmail.  Upon request we can see if room block adjustments can be made based on what is available but it is not guaranteed.

Optional Extension:

January 16th-29th, 2023 (See photos below for images of the Temple and Elephant Trek tours in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai. 

6 night/7 day Bangkok and Chiang Mai hotel and tour with free time to explore too:

If doing extension then its recommended to fly out of San Diego by January 13th or LAX by January 14th in order to arrive by the 15th or early morning of the 16th to have a day to settle in from the journey.

The Extension is 3 nights in each location (6 nights total) in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai and includes:  accomodations with breakfast at 4+ star hotels, two tours, and guidance on additional explorations for only $925-$1000/single occupancy and for couples $1430-$1550 (price range depending on any changes in hotel costs due to occupancy rates-the sooner you book the extension the better).  Single occupancy is the only option upfront, but double occupancy may become available based on interest, other singles and sign ups. If you prefer to room with a partner or friend then that is possible.  If you are traveling as a couple then you will receive the discounted couples price.

The airport shuttle will depend on your airline flight times. On the extension expect anywhere from $60-80 per person for all the transport on extension to Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
Transport on arrival to the island on the 7 day retreat can be arranged and the cost round trip from the airport is about $40 and will be paid upon arrival to the retreat center.  The other transportation for the extension will be collected up front and paid to Dhyanjot.  All transport is subject to arrival and departure times.  This will discussed with each person individually and at the group meeting.  There are many variables on group rides which will based on numbers per vehicle, timing of flights, and hotel accomodations.  It is quite possible the cost on transport could increase if you have any extenuating circumstances outside of the suggestions on the website for flight departures and arrivals.

Note:  Travel between airport in Koh Sumai and retreat center will likely be paid upon your arrival directly to the retreat center.  I will likely be arranging all of the transfers in Koh Sumai so detail flight information will be needed for all travels.  Once everything is set up then you will be informed of the local transfer costs.  

What is Included in additional days:
(The Northern Thailand is planned as follows but is subject to change based on any unknown circumstances)
-Set up airport Transfer in Bangkok to hotel (optional extra fee may apply)
-3 night accomodations starting on January 16th at 3 pm in Bangkok (if you arrive earlier then you may choose to stay in the Bangkok airport hotel-set up on own)
-Set up from Bangkok hotel to airport for Chiang Mai (optional extra fee may apply)
-Set up from airport transfer to Chiang Mai Hotel (optional extra fee may apply)
– 3 night stay in Chiang Mai with Breakfast
-Set up for airport transport to Airport from Chiang Mai hotel (optional extra fee may apply)
-Bangkok Temple Tour (All fees included)
-Chiang Mai Temple Tour, elephant Sanctuary (no riding), waterfall trek and Hill Tribe experience (All fees included and lunch)
-Breakfast is Included in each accomodations
-plus 7 day Yoga retreat as listed above

Optional Free Day for Bangkok and Chiang Mai.  I chose to leave a day open for each both locations in order to have flexibility based on your own personal interest.  There are additonal tours or you may want to experience a day on your own.  I will help organize the following excursions that will come at an additional fee if you choose to participate.  The package extension includes 1 1/2 day of tour on the 17th and one full day tour on the 20th and then the 18th and 21st is left open to choose your own activity on your own or with the group.

What I will be organizing in addtion to the tour for Bangkok as part of the package, but is optional.  You will pay as you go on these additions giving you flexibility to adjust your own itinerary.
Bangkok day two or January 18th:  Tuk Tuk or Taxi to The Palace which has a $15 entrance fee and walking distance to the Palace Park, the famous Emerald Buddha and the golden monument.  There is plenty to do and explore in this area if you wanted to explore anything you came accross the day before on the formal tour.  It also gives you time to spend as much time as you want without limitations of a structured tour.  Nomimal fees may apply and temples have strict dress codes which I will inform you of at a later time.

What I will be organizing in addition to the full day tour in Chiang Mai as part of the package, but it is optional.  You will pay as you go on these additions giving you the flexibility to adjust your own itineray.  On day two or January 21st is an open day to explore the city of Chiang Mai, get a Tai massage, tour the food or other markets, or join the famous and very popular cooking classes (which I will likey organize and participant in as well).  Expect the cooking classes to be about $40.  I will send lots more information on the details of the classes and photos in later emails to registered participants.

Not Included in extension:

Lunch, Dinner and Snacks (unless included on scheduled tours)
International Flight to Bangkok
Domestic flight to Chiang Mai-(Average Price $60-80 from Bangkok)
Domestic flight to Koh Samui from Chiang Mai-(Average Price $85-135)
Domestic flight to Bangkok from Koh Samui-(Average price $60-$80)

Note: You will be given recommendations of airlines and best times to fly to be on the proper schedule for the tours and retreat.

I will provide details of daily itineary and tours upon requests and will send updates to all those who have registered for the intitial trip.

Bangkok Tour Includes:  

What’s Included (See Photos Below)
  • Air-condition Vehicle.
  • Professional Guide.
  • Hotel pick up & drop off
  • Entry/Admission – Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Traimit)
  • Entry/Admission – Wat Phra Chetuphon
  • Entry/Admission – Temple Of Dawn (Wat Arun)

    Chiang Mai Tour Includes:

    What’s Included (see photos below)
    • Lunch
    • National park fee
    • Air-conditioned vehicle
    • English speaking tour guide
    • Insurance
    • Entry/Admission – Meaklang Elephant Conservation
    • Entry/Admission – Doi Inthanon
    • Entry/Admission – Phra Maha Dhatu Naphamethinidon and Naphaphonphumisiri Pagoda
    • Entry/Admission – Pha Dok Seaw Waterfall
    • Entry/Admission – Ban Mae Klang Luang
    What’s Excluded in both tours
    • Gratuities

    Other Optional experiences in Bangkok to explore:
    The Grand Palace, Palace Park, Wat Phra Kaew or Emerald Buddha, Wat Saket or Golden Mount, City Market, Flower Market, and Street Food Market (day or night) and spa services.

    Other Optional Experiences in Chiang Mai to explore:  Cooking Classes, City and Market exploration, Spa Services, and Local Buddhist temple experiences.  Many schools of Chinese medicine reside in this area along with schools of Tai Massage.

    Thailand is a bucket list for most people.  The dates of this trip gives us the opportunity to enjoy both the North and South regions of Thailand as January and February is known for the best weather with more Sunshine and cooler and less humid and much less rain than other times of the year in the regions we will visit.  This is a wonderful opportunity to get the most of the travel accross the globe and really have some time for it all to sink in. You will not only enjoy a yoga retreat (no previous yoga experience required as everyone does there best and adjusts for personal circumstances) in South Thailand, but a cultural experience of Northern Thailand all on the same trip.  If you don’t have the extra time to do the 13 day trip, then the seven day retreat to the South is a good option for you.

    On the 13 day retreat enjoy the hustle bustle city of Bangkok, followed by a sacred temple experience of Chang Mai, including a visit with native elephants at a local sanctuary.  The last seven days are on the magical Southern Island of Koh Samui where we will have morning yoga and afternoon shamanic journeying along with additonal classes and sound sound healings taught by locals and is included in your stay. There will be options to go out on adventure or relax by the pool or on the beach in the sanctuary of this beautiful retreat center nestled on the side of a hill on the sea.

    You will deepen your yoga practice in profound ways, develop your connection with nature, and create space for deep healing in your life.

    You will also receive 20 CEU for anyone needing to meet their Yoga Alliance requirements

    Koh Samui Yoga Retreat Center and Spa

    The retreat center is a creative place designed with a vision from, Konstantin Miachin, who created this unique space for personal evolution. It’s the ideal place to practice yoga, find like-minded people, eat healthy food, and evolve in an amazing natural environment.

    Koh Samui is an ideal place for exploring yoga due to the outstanding natural beauty of the island. Most of Koh Samui is still considered unspoiled and unpolluted. Time on Koh Samui is an opportunity to relax, unwind, explore and focus on yourself. Enjoy the natural energy of palm trees, white sand, purple sunsets, turquoise waters, dense jungle, and exotic waterfalls. Despite being so easily accessible, Samui remains an idyllic island in the sun.

    We are not a luxury resort yet some of the upper accomodations are very nice and situated in a way where you can really relax and unwind and be yourself. All rooms are air conditioned, but are modest and simple, with minimalistic decorations and comfortable beds. There are no TVs in the rooms or fancy mini bars filled with chocolate and alcohol, but hopefully that’s not what you want to come here for. We are a relaxed establishment where you can unplug and reconnect to something deeper than this external world. It is a yoga retreat with accommodations, not a hotel with some yoga classes.

    Thailand Vikasa Arial View of Beach Bungalow

    Ocean View Lotus 

    The Ocean Rooms offer every convenience. Rest and recharge in a king- sized bed and awaken to the sounds of nature and the beautiful sunrise that will energize you for the day ahead. Great for a couple who wants a view or a single who wants to step up there accomodations.  Step out onto your private balcony to enjoy the fresh island air, relax and read a book or meditate and feel at one with the natural surroundings. A stay in one of our Ocean Rooms is restful, relaxing and inspiring. Please note all the ocean rooms are slightly different, you can see in the pictures interiors vary from room to room, but they are all of the same standard. Also some have better views, while the other ones are better decorated and furnished. Either way they are conveniently located and is the best room category.

    Lotus Pad Garden

    Similar as Ocean View accomodations with garden or partial ocean view from a distance.  Both King bed option for couples or Single with the option for two twin beds for friends as a double accupancy.  

    Prana Cabana Beach Bungalow Superior and Standard:

    The Standard Beach Bungalows bring guests close to Nature while providing every convenience. The rooms are quite modest, rustic both inside and out, yet clean and comfortable they feature two twin sized beds, and direct beach access. A private terrace allows you to take in one of Samui’s spectacular sunrises. Bungalows come with simple interior bathroom with hot shower, AC, mini fridge, and a safety box.

    The Superior Beach Bungalows provide the same features as the Standard, but are substantially bigger, more spacious, have better finishings, upgraded king-sized bed or two twin bed double occupancy and has the most spectacular unobstructed sea views from its terraces. It’s a truly unique waterfront living experience.

    Excursion options to experience (Optional):

    From the sacred temples, Elephant sanctuaries, waterfall swimming, beaches and local cultural adventures can be a part of your trip to Thailand.   There is much to explore in Koh Sumai plus the extension to explore Bangkok and Chiang Mai.  See details above and more photos below for all the wonderful options to explore on this amazing opportunity in Thailand. 

    Here are a few photos of some of the experiences to be had while on retreat at Koh Sumai.

    Bangkok Temple Tour Photos  (Included in Thailand Extended)

    Chiang Mai Elephant Tour, Trek and Waterfall (Included in Extension)plus optional Cooking Class experience

    Swimming pool, balconies with views, yoga and sound healing space with mats/blocks, free wifi, AC, breakfast/brunch, and dinner buffet, cafe on site, car service for hire. Spa services available on site. Private beach front access.
    A non-refundable deposit of $515 is required to reserve your space. Your non-refundable balance December 1st, 2022. Payment Plan with Credit Card will have a 3% bank charge plus small monthly processing fee. Other fees may apply.
    Pick up at airport or boat dock:
    Koh Samui is easily reached via an increasing number of direct international flights and over a dozen daily 1-hour flights from Bangkok. Arrive easily with a direct flight from any Asian hub on Bangkok Airways. The Koh Samui award winning airport will receive you with a selection of shopping and eating options making flying in or out of Samui a breeze. If you’re traveling on a budget, and feeling brave, you can also reach the island via ferry from the mainland Thai city of Surat Thani. Be sure to check ferry times as the schedules are sometimes limited. The retreat center is just a fifteen minute drive from the Samui Airport. Airport pick-up can be provided at approximately $25 per person.  This can be accomodated with advance notice and by providing Integrated Wellness flight information.
    Please note that if you are heading to Thailand, you will likely need to depart 2 days prior to the start of the retreat or your intended arrival as you lose a minimum of a day when you fly to Asia. to arrive in time for the start of the retreat. You are responsible for your own roundtrip airfare to and from Thailand.  Most will fly into Bangkok and take a separate flight via Bangkok Air to Koh Sumai or to Chang Mai.  By providing your flight information, you can take advantage of the airport pick ups to and from the retreat center.  It is recommended that you purchase your own travel insurance that will include Covid related reasons. There is also a requirement for insurance at this time traveling to Thailand for any reason you need medical assistance.  This policy needs to include Covid-19 care if needed.  There are 7, 17 and 30 day options for these policies and it is recommended to use AXA insurance as it is best for service payments in Thailand.  You will need a passport for entry to and from Thailand with blank pages and a minimum of 6 months left on your passport.  You do not need a Visa for traveling to Thailand on vacation for less than 30 days.  But you will need a Visa Exemption pass to enter the country.  There will be more details on travel requirements as we get closer to the date of travel in order for you to properly prepare for travel.   Check with your doctor to inquiry for any special needs or requirements for you to travel to Thailand.
    If you must cancel your retreat, the required deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Full payment must be received by December 1st 2022. Payment plan final payment is due by no later December 15th, 2022.  First payment amount will depend on the time of deposit and will be collected on the 15th of the month following your deposit date.  A credit card will need to be on file for each monthly payment
    Once deposit is made accommodations get reserved with a no refund policy. Once we commit we must pay what is due.  So if you are concerned for any reason that you may need to cancel then be sure to purchase travel insurance just in case you are unable to attend.

    Your Host: Dhyanjot Grenus, Aka DJ:

    Gong master, sound healer, and E-RYT 500 yoga teacher with 23 years of experience in Hatha Vinyasa, Kundalini, Restorative Hatha and Yoga Nidra.   He uses a variety of yoga, shamanic, and reiki channeling techniques to help guide students on their yoga journey. 

    Joel Koch:  Support and Travel Guide for Dhyanjot.  Most of you know Joel and the great support he brings on these fabulous yoga retreats


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