Alchemy of Sound – Gong Training

with Gong Master Dhyanjot



This three segment training will include the following curriculum:

Principles of Frequency
Principles of Sound Healing and the gong
Gong Fundamentals with special guidance hand outs
Gong Alchemy for healing
Gong Meditations (hand outs included)
Gong Language
Hands on playing experience

First Session: Private Session to get up to speed on the final two sessions

Oct 12th, Nov 16th
1:00pm – 4:00pm

*Note: Make ups available by appointment if unable to make one of the sessions. Request Gong Training Make up at dhyanjot@gmail.com

Price: $399

Location Change TBD-San Diego Near Mission Valley

Note: You don’t have to be a musician to learn to play the gong. Great for everyone especially reiki and other healers to learn the art of alchemy.  In fact it is usually more challenging to guide a trained musician than someone who has never played an intrument.

Most importantly you come with an open mind and open heart as alchemy is how you feel the process rather than how you do it.

Alchemy of Sound gong training

Begin your journey to Gong Mastery. This training is a hands on opportunity to learn how the gong plays you from an experienced gong master.  You will learn the basics as well as advanced playing techniques along with learning the language of the gong.  All sound has a frequency and every frequency has content.   You will not only learn how to play but also learn how to interpret what is being played.  This is a training is not only for those who want to learn how to play (beginners) but is especially valuable for those who have never been formally trained on special alchemy techniques, meditations, and the language of the gong.   This training has also been useful for those who have been trained but have not explored meditations or the language of the gong leading one to gong mastery.

Each person who completes all three sections of this training will receive a digital Gong Alchemy Certificate of completion.

Note: No gong is required. Yet after the training if the gong calls to you to be a gong alchemist then you can recieve a 20% discount off any purchase of Paiste or Meinl gongs (Dhyanjot is a Rep for both companies).  In the training you will learn how the gong chooses you.

To properly plan all sales are final. Thanks for understanding. 


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